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ESRI is planning to release ArcGIS 9.3 sometime later this year. From
what I have heard this will be a fairly major release. I thought I would
post some of the changes/improvements ESRI is planning for ArcGIS 9.3.
For a more complete list and descriptions go to
Some of the changes/improvements in ArcGIS 9.3 will be:

*	ArcGIS Desktop compatible with Microsoft Vista
*	A new button that allows you to pause all Label redraws instead
of having to turn off labeling for each layer
*	New Bookmark pull down menu
*	Improved Bookmark Manager allowing importing and exporting of
*	Legends will now show transparency for layers
*	Table joins will be allowed for tables with a definition query
applied and the definition query will be respected
*	Tables can be sort using multiple attributes
*	The Identify tool will respect all table and layer property
*	A new reverse geocoding tool has been added that locates the
closest address to the location click on the map
*	Improve Raster exports including improved clipping
*	Map scale display that allows optional units to be chosen. For
example the scales could be set to show 1 in = so many feet
*	Cartographic Representation editing has been made easier and
more functional
*	Parameter handling in Model Builder has been made more robust
*	Support for PostgreSQL has been added
*	One way replication between personal and file GDB to a ArcGIS
Server GDB will be possible

Those are some of the major changes I know about with the software. ESRI
is also planning to revamp much of their course offerings. Learning GIS
with ArcGIS, Introduction to ArcGIS I and Introduction to ArcGIS II are
all being replaced with new classes. I am sure other classes will also
be replaced. 

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