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During recent months the Florida Department of Corrections began
developing a web based GIS solution for internal use to identify the
residential restrictions required by certain statutes and ordinances
related to sexual offenders and predators i.e. cannot live within 1000ft
of a school, daycare, etc. Our project encompasses the full extents of
Florida with detail down to all property parcels, which are the basis
for many restriction measurements, i.e. distances must be measured from
property line to property line. A key component to this solution is the
ability to accurately and efficiently locate any parcel within the state
utilizing a search function. 


Many of the parcels in the metro areas of Florida have physical site
address attribute information associated which is helpful, so long as it
is accurate; however, many parcels, especially in rural areas do not yet
have any physical site address attribute information available, which
can make it difficult, if not impossible to accurately and efficiently
locate 1 parcel within 9 million. 


I have given long and hard thought to many possible solutions and
iterations of those; yet I have a feeling that there is/are some
solution(s) I am overlooking. I need a fresh pair of eyes to gaze upon
my problem. I do not want to muddy the waters with my garbled thoughts,
so please ask yourself the following:


Keeping in mind that "Success is the only option," If faced with a
similar task what would you do to locate the unaddressed parcels? 


Thank you in advance for any ideas.


Keith Sandell

Correctional Services Assistant Consultant

Bureau of Probation and Parole Field Services

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Florida Department of Corrections

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