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Government-owned  land - Universities, prisons, parks, forests, rec areas,
Government Centers - all confuse the guidelines set up for cadastral data.
You can't link plats to addresses to owners, because, for instance,  FAMU and
FSU are both huge multiple parcel entities with the same owner [The Great
State of Florida].  For the purposes of 911 addresses can be assigned [I did
it on the FAMU campus] but all of the information traditionally associated
with cadastral data is meaningless. Most of this confusingly-listed
government land has either very low human density [parks and forests] or very
high density [colleges, schools and prisons]. 


Often 911 addressing and cadastral data work at cross purposes. 

Campuses are built to limit traffic by relentlessly confusing drivers with
one-way lanes, illogical cul de sacs and arbitrary access - which can make
911 address assignments almost meaningless.  The building's address may be a
major state road - but if an ambulance would have to cross a huge berm and
climb steps to reach the building, it clearly serves no purpose.  Often the
only meaningful access to campus buildings by emergency vehicles is through a
gated parking areas that are hidden by design.  


For the first year or so, every large campus feels like a secret club you
hope to join and every assignment to a different building is part of the
hazing new staff are subjected to.


Hospitals are another study in illogical addressing.  Ever try getting into
Shands Emergency Room in Gainesville at night by its street address?


Tallahassee Memorial has been a moving target for years.  Until recently the
address of the hospital was listed as its billing office, 1300 Miccosukee,
two blocks north of the hospital.  



William Porter

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Florida A&M University

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