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David, I recently followed the same steps using a spatial join and then
just having to qc areas where the proximity labeled them incorrectly.  I
tried to use the import CAD annotation tools but the scale was always
way off no matter how I set it and ended up causing me more work.  I'm
very interested to see what others have to say! Kristal


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Shruggers (or is it Shruggies?) -


Perhaps someone out there can help me with an interesting issue that my
colleagues and I are currently attempting to tackle.   


First, a bit of background.  We currently have a dataset featuring very
accurate (2 meter or better) alignments of all the roads in Florida.
These have been converted from our CAD maps and, as such, lack a road
names feature (which we very much desire).  We have a dataset, however,
that contains (hypothetically) all the names of these roads.
Unfortunately, said dataset lacks the accuracy of the CAD-exported data.
Our wish is to essentially combine these two datasets, with the end
result featuring both highly accurate data and the road names.  


We have, as of yet, not had success with doing a spatial join, as
frequently the streets will be combined with the wrong name in areas
with a high density of roads (such as urban areas).  Does anyone have
any ideas as to how to overcome this problem (without manually inputing
the names for every road in Florida)?  Would converting labels to
annotation be a potential solution?  


I appreciate any input!





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