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Holli Brandt Holli.Brandt at Seattle.Gov
Wed Jan 30 18:10:25 EST 2008

Hello Everyone -
Okay I know some of you have this information stuffed away somewhere and I am tired of looking for it unsuccessfully online.  
We use a Network install version of ArcInfo 9.2, with (obviously) shared licenses.  When you go to open ArcMap, the splash window pops up right away but it takes a good 30 seconds before the complete program will open.  I have a fairly decent computer but what is funny is that it usually opens up quicker on the older computers.  
Anyway here is my question, where are all those info sheets on tips and tricks on how to get your ArcMap to open faster.  I have seen them so I know they exist.  They mention how to get rid of the splash window, to not map to more drives than you need to, etc. etc.   So any help you guys can give me would be great as I am way to impatient to wait for a new ArcMap to load.  Please don't reply back with 'just never close your ArcMap session', as we often need to start new ArcMap sessions with the customized tool we are using.
Thanks - Holli
Holli M. Brandt
DWW GIS Data Maintenance Lead
Seattle Public Utilities
Information Technology Division
Holli.Brandt at Seattle.Gov 
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