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I concur with both of these suggestions. When I gave our GIS and Drafting techs dual monitors I saw a production increase of 15% which paid for the additional monitors quickly.
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Concur. I didn't realize the specs didn't include that. We got dual widescreen 19s. In retrospect I wish I would have gone for the 20s. 


A UPS may also be a good idea to support any processes/tools/models that are left running for extended periods. I've lost hours of work because of hiccups in the power system.



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Good information here; I also recommended dual monitors if at all possible for ease of working with multiple windows.


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Department of Corrections just started a GIS shop. We started with basic computers; some one leaped before they looked. We upgraded shortly after.


Attached are the specs for what we are running. Haven't seen any problems with this setup.


Good luck.


Keith Sandell



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Good Morning,


I am looking for computer hardware recommendations (CPU, RAM, VIDEO CARD, ETC.) for running ArcGIS. We have a system I would like to upgrade, and would welcome any advice. I have been researching this issue, but I figure this message board is the best place to get real world info on hardware that performs with ArcGIS. Being a local government, funding will be an issue, so I won't be able to buy cutting edge hardware most likely.


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