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I'd have to disagree with this and say DO NOT get CRT's unless money is
a huge issue.  LCD technology is hugely improved now, you can easily get
quality LCD monitors that aren't overly expensive as long as you don't
get the absolute bottom of the barrel cost (even then, it shouldn't be
too long before those are at that level too).  A good LCD with a DVI
input from a decent manufacturer can greatly outperform most CRT's now
(there hasn't been any quality research into CRT tech in a while, it's a
mostly abandoned technology research-wise).

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Late arrival here (our e-mail system deletes SHRUG mail notices) Dual
monitors, definitely - and I would go so far as to specify CRT monitors,
not flat panel. We use aerial imagery a lot and see the difference in
onscreen image quality. Get one monitor with dual inputs, and you can
run 2 CPUs into it. So while one CPU is crunching big ortho
reprojections, you can still do your road centerlines. There is a Belkin
"octopus" adapter that connects 1 keyboard to 2 CPUs.
A pair of 22" CRT monitors also makes a nice space heater.   8^)
Put a UPS on everything, don't overload one UPS. And replace UPS
batteries every 2-3 years; they do lose reserve power as they age.
Printers - for a wide-format (36"+), I can highly recommend the Canon
line. Competitive prices, excellent output, easy to setup, zippy
printing. What HP only hopes it could be.
And finally, a good backup strategy, hardware and software. I don't know
about y'all, but I have no desire to have to re-do a month's work
because a hard drive crashed. We use "Retrospect" to run scheduled
backups to an external hard drive, and "Norton Ghost" to clone the C:
drive every 3 months.
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