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I thought everyone might be interested in something I discovered doing some
work for FEMA.    After the 2004 hurricanes and Katrina FEMA gave USGS money
to beef up their images served up over the internet.  The National Image
Mosaics covers North America and in particular the coastal areas.  It looks
like all of Florida is covered except for Santa Rosa County.  The Mosaics
has one foot or six inch color photos for many counties in the state.  


To connect to the Mosaics open ArcMap.


Click the Add Data button and scroll down to GIS Servers.


Open GIS Servers and double click on Add WMS Server.


On the form that pops up type the following URL:


Once the connection is made, add it to your map in ArcMap.


Click the + by the Mosaics to display a list of all the images.


Click on the first image, scroll to the bottom of the list, hold down the
shift key and click on the last image so that all of the images are


Right click on the selected images and select Turn on to turn on all the


Am image of North America should pop up.  Zoom into any coastal area.  It is
remarkably fast. I can see individual tree trunks in my yard.


I would not try this with a dialup connection.


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