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Yesterday ESRI released service pack 1 for ArcGIS 9.3. This service pack
addresses many issues. Some of these include:


ArcGIS Desktop:

*         Saving shape file edits more than eight times in ArcMap leads
to slower and slower performance.

*         Inserted Excel spreadsheets, as an object in maps, display as
black boxes when exported to PDF (xls and xlxs) on Office 2007 machines.

*         If the Geographic Transformation is not set when data from a
personal geodatabase or SDE is initially added to ArcMap, setting the
transformation at a later time through Data Frame Properties >
Coordinate System tab > Transformations will not transform the data.

*         Export to CAD fails when exporting more than 10,000 annotation

*         The IDW interpolation tool in Spatial Analyst ignores the
maximum distance settings in search radius settings.

*         Find tool does not return any records from joined fields, if
Join is done with 'Keep only matching records'.

*         Cannot move two hundred or more features when a feature class
participates within an annotation class.

*         Topology causes freeze or slowdown on long vertical or
horizontal polylines.

*         Converting symbology to representation with the 'Features in
current extent' option chosen does not complete properly.

*         Calculate Field tool causes application (ArcMap, ArcCatalog)
to hang when working with large datasets and sequential calculations.

*         Any layer in map is not displayed after two joins, a
definition query, and a change to the data frame's spatial reference.

*         ArcGIS is not reading spatial reference tags for GDAL

*         Rasters that have both a colormap and a table will crash
ArcMap when symbology is changed.

*         Connections to ArcSDE SQL Server Express geodatabases from
ArcMap are not being closed successfully when a new map document is
started without restarting ArcMap. This can cause SQL Server Express
database detach operations to fail.

*         The Field Properties dialog on the attribute table can make
ArcMap crash.

*         Exporting attributes to PDF results in incorrect values for
fields using a number format.

*         Maplex street labeling is much slower than at ArcGIS 9.2 for
some cases.

*         And more....


ArcGIS Server:

*         The map scale in a page layout is incorrect when exporting the
layout through MapServer (ArcIMS ArcMap Server or ArcGIS Server). This
problem occurs when users zoom to and export a portion of the page
layout before exporting the entire page.

*         ArcGIS server does not log WMS requests.

*         Making a request to MapServer.exportMapImage of type PDF with
a particular Point Layer causes the SOC fulfilling the request to hang.

*         The LocalJobsDirectory does not work correctly with
asynchronous services that write out data.

*         If the map has a background color set, the cache generated on
demand does not honor it and is not set correctly in the tiles
generated. The result is inconsistent transparency behavior when
previewing these cached services.

*         Publishing an image service (using publish wizard) does not
write some properties to the config file.

*         Label expressions defined in a map document fail to export to

*         The ArcSOM.exe process uses 99% of available CPU and become
unresponsive when a third SOC Machine is added and four or more Map
Services are running.

*         And more....


You can download the service pack from If you
install it on ArcGIS server make sure you test it before putting it on
your production or live web server. Service packs have a nasty habit of
causing problems for customized interfaces. I normally operate by the
Rule "If it aint broke don't fix it!".   


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