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FYI...Google grant opportunities for community mapping....

-greg babinski
Subject: FW: [NNIPNews] Google grants for community mapping

Google is offering grants from US$5000-US$100,000 for community mapping

". . . maps are a powerful tool for non-profits of all kinds to
communicate issues, understand needs, and create more effective
implementation plans. Many of you have come to us with compelling ways
that maps can help you and your organization increase impact, and we
want to help you make your mapping ideas a reality. We're offering a
pilot program of Geo Challenge Grants to organizations working in areas
related to our core initiatives.

Through this program, we'll be offering grants valued between US$5,000
and US$100,000, either directly from, or through grant
recommendations from the Fund of Tides Foundation. These
grants will be issued through an open application process - legally
qualified, public charitable organizations with a compelling idea about
how maps can help them work more effectively are eligible. Smaller
mapping applications requiring only static data might receive US$5,000
in funding, while development of tools that enable many organizations to
create maps might receive US$100,000. We're partnering with Google Earth
Outreach on this program to help evaluate proposals from a technical
standpoint and to help us ensure the grants are successful.  "
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