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If you have access to Autodesk Map 3D, it will export it to a shapefile
like you want. I am guessing you don't have that though. Why do you want
it as a polyline? I am going to guess it is so you can get the rotation
angle and use labels. If this is the case, when you import the CAD
annotation it should include a rotation field which you can use for


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I am trying to use Arc 9.x to import a CAD annotation and convert it to
a polyline shapefile.  ArcGIS 9.1 wants to create this as a point layer,
however I would like to have it in a polyline feature class.  ArcView
3.2 does this nicely, however when moving over to 9.1, a point layer
seems to be my only option.  Does anyone have any experience in this
that might be able to assist me?

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