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Tue Oct 21 09:56:57 EDT 2008


I am starting to explore the ESRI model builder a little deeper and have a
question that I am sure somebody on this list could help me with.

My inputs are a land-use, soil, and rainfall feature classes within a File
GDB.  I have made a model to rasterize and combine these feature classes so
i can get a list of the unique combinations of inputs.  The model works
perfectly.  However, I need to rerun this script 10 more times (I have 11
Basins).  Each basin is in a seperate file GBD, and each of the inputs are
named the same.  My question is:  how do I set the model to run for each GDB
without having to point to each specific dataset.  Is it possible to simply
add a parameter to of workspace, and then the model would run through using
the same inputs, and creating identical outputs, respective to inputs?  I
assume I would do this by setting the model environment parameters - but
each attempt I have done has not worked.

Somebody please direct me onto the corret path.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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