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Hey Shruggers,


Has anybody had any problem with the RefreshCatalog method not working
as expected.


I have a script that creates a user defined table populated with user
define values. I have to verify the output by previewing the output in
Catalog, but for the OverWriteOutput method to work (on the next run)
the containing folder "must" be Refreshed, per ESRI as expected
behavior. So I either manually refresh or I should be able to use the
RefreshCatalog method.


I included the RefreshCatalog method as the first process in the script
and it runs beyond this point, but the script fails prior to
creating/overwriting with a new table saying the "table already exists."


Any thoughts? The important part of the scrip is below:


# Import system modules

import sys, string, os, arcgisscripting


# Create the Geoprocessor object

gp = arcgisscripting.create()

gp.OverWriteOutput = True


# Load required toolboxes...

gp.AddToolbox("C:/Program Files/ArcGIS/ArcToolbox/Toolboxes/Data
Management Tools.tbx")


# Local variables...

scratchWS = gp.scratchWorkspace

xyTableName = "NewUserTable.dbf"

xyTable = scratchWS + "/" + xyTableName


# PreFresh Catalog





# Process: Create Table...

gp.CreateTable_management(scratchWS, xyTableName, "", "")




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