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Greetings Shrugites,


I have been trying to compile a list of WMS servers.  I've run across
some lists and links to servers, but have not had time to try them out.
I've listed some of the links below.  If anyone out there has time to
look at these and try them, I would greatly appreciate your input.  



I will be listing the servers on my FAMU GIS lab Blackboard web site.  I
currently have a bunch of links on the site to information and data on
various GIS and remote sensing related sites.  At this point the links
are a somewhat disorganized hodgepodge that I have not tested lately for
broken links.  I will be hiring an assistant in the fall to do a little
housekeeping.  In the meantime I've decided to go ahead and "go live"
with the links.  Below are the instructions for accessing them.  If you
have run across any links good links please let me know and I'll post
them.  Also, if you have any thoughts about a better way to organize
them, I will appreciate your input.


To access the links go to


Click on the Course Catalog button

Under Search Catalog type in Name Contains GIS and click Go

Scroll down to the bottom and click on GIS1000


You should see a selection for External Links on the left



Thanks for you help,


Katherine Milla, PhD, GISP
Center for Water Quality
103B Perry-Paige Bldg
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, FL  32307

ph. 850-412-7004
fax. 850-561-2221 


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