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Thanks for all of the input on my question.  One question asked was if
current_date is a function.  I got it from the sql reference in the
ArcGIS help menu.  After further looking into the disconnect date field,
we have found that it is a text field.  The field is updated from an
oracle database overnight.  We will try to get it changed in oracle to a
date field.  


The purpose of the function was to create an mxd that automatically
updates the selected set without having to continuously update the
statement.  I have been successful returning records that work on a
unique value (disconnect_date < '2008-08-26 12:09:00').  I have tried
every variation of disconnect_date < current_date - 365 (single quotes,
double, parenthesis, etc).  Going to put this on the back burner for now
since other work is piling up.  If I get to work, I will share with the
rest of you.


Thanks again,



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