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Wed Jul 29 12:54:11 EDT 2009

SHRUG Members,

We just wanted to send along a reminder email about the ArcGIS Server
classes to be held here in Charleston SC in August. We've had a good
response from our friends in the Carolinas and the classes are definitely a
go. We also understand that coming up from FL may be difficult with travel
and training budgets during the economic downturn. If you or your
organization are trying to do more with less and are looking to implementing
AGS or building mapping sites with AGS, we want to help if we can. We
decided to discount the classes for SHRUG members. Class costs are normally
850$ for two days. We can discount to $750 for a single registration. If you
have more than one registration (sign up for both classes or bring a
colleague), we will discount to $700 per person / per class.

We hope this is of value to you. We are also planning to do several shorter
webinar classes on a broad range of ArcGIS Server topics so let us know if
you're interested.

Here is the info on the August classes:

The classes are being held at the College of Charleston (SC) GIS Lab, August
17-20 (Two day classes back to back).

*Administering ArcGIS Server* training will cover all the steps you need to
get ArcGIS Server up and running in your organization. In addition, it will
go into some of the more advanced functionality ArcGIS Server has to offer
including building optimized map cache and publishing geoprocessing tools to
the web. Here is a link to the outline for Administering ArcGIS Server:

*Developing Applications for ArcGIS Server* training will give you the tools
and knowledge to start developing fast light weight mapping applications
that users are now expecting. ArcGIS Server 9.3 offers new APIs that allow
developers to get their data on the web in a quick, stylish, and developer
friendly interface. We will cover the JavaScript API, Flex API, and briefly
discuss the WebADF. On day two of this training, we will set aside time for
you to apply the skills you've learned to start creating or continue
developing applications for your organization. ROK developers will be there
to help you along the way. Here is the link to the outline for Developing
Applications for ArcGIS Server:
For more information or to sign up for a class, please contact *training*

We look forward to serving you in your success.

Michael F. Murphy
ROK Technologies, Inc
mmurphy at
843-577-3192, Ext. 202
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