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We have several upcoming classes scheduled focusing on various topics
including Microsoft SQL Server Administration, ArcGIS Desktop and
Project Management.  Information is posted below. You can visit our GIS
training page <>  for complete
details. All ESRI Developed classes will be taught by an ESRI Authorized
Instructor. All classes are taught by a instructors with over 10 years
of real world experience.


July 2009 

Using AutoCAD Data in ArcGIS  - July 23-24 at Keck & Wood's Office in
Duluth GA - Newly Updated for ArcGIS 9.3 and also available on DVD.

This class teaches GIS users how to use and integrate data created in
AutoCAD software. The class was written by Tripp Corbin, GISP and Wally
Warren, GISP both of which have years of experience moving data back and
forth between GIS and CAD.


SQL Server Administration - July 27-31 at Keck & Wood's Office in Duluth

In this 5 day course, you will learn about the administrative features
that are available in SQL Server. This course also examines other SQL
Server essential application, support, and maintenance topics - features
you can use for high-availability, stability, reliability, and
scalability of databases.


Aug 2009

ArcGIS Desktop I: Getting to Know GIS - Aug 24-25 at Univ. of North
Alabama Continuing Studies Center in Florence Alabama

This two-day ESRI developed course provides the foundation for
understanding GIS, what it can do and how others are using it. Students
learn the basic functions of a GIS, why a GIS database is powerful, and
what coordinate systems and map projections are and why they are


ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality - Aug 26-28 at Univ. of North
Alabama Continuing Studies Center in Florence Alabama

This three-day ESRI developed course teaches the range of functionality
available in the ArcGIS desktop software and the essential tools for
visualizing, creating, managing, and analyzing geographic data. This
hands-on course uses exercises to emphasize practice with ArcMap and
ArcCatalog (the primary applications included with ArcGIS Desktop
software) to perform common GIS tasks and workflows.


Ultimate PMP Exam Prep - Aug 24-28 at Keck & Wood's Office in Duluth GA

The ULTIMATE PMP(r) Exam Prep five day course provides each Project
Management Professional (PMP) certification candidate with a
high-quality, facilitator-led course of study designed to fully prepare
them to pass their PMP(r) Exam on the first try. This course provides
PMP(r) candidates the opportunity to effectively organize and plan
completion of their PMP(r) Exam preparation in just FIVE consecutive
days of intensive training.


Sept 2009

ArcGIS Desktop III: Workflows and Analysis - Sept 17-18 at Univ. of
North Alabama Continuing Studies Center in Florence Alabama

This two-day ESRI developed course builds on the skills learned in the
ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality course. It shows students how
to apply ArcGIS tools in a workflow context with a focus on working with
data stored in a geodatabase and performing geoprocessing and analysis.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP
Vice President, GIS/IT
ESRI Authorized Instructor
Keck & Wood, Inc. <> 
(678) 417-4013
(678) 417-8785 fax


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