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Due to the prevailing economic environment and budgetary constraints, we realize and fully understand that many organizations are making necessary adjustments to deal with this difficult environment. Consequently, SHRUG has decided to postpone the 2009 GIS Workshop held annually in Tallahassee, Florida. The primary factor for making this decision is you - our user community.
Our workshop attendees are from a variety of organizations in both the public and private sectors throughout the region. Nearly all of them are feeling the effects of reduced travel budgets or related business decisions. SHRUG recognizes that our attendees are the reason for an annual workshop. The SHRUG Workshop Committee will continue to develop and plan for the 2010 SHRUG Workshop.
In staying true to our grass roots heritage, camaraderie, and the essence of building an exceptional GIS community over the last 10 years, the SHRUG Board of Directors has decided to bring an exciting opportunity to the community this year by retooling the Quarterly Meetings. These revamped meetings will consist of half-day seminars that include: breakout sessions focusing on specific GIS subjects and other participation opportunities for organizations. Also, look forward to additional training sessions provided by SHRUG throughout the year.
For more information concerning seminar dates, opportunities, and locations please visit the SHRUG website ( <> ).
Thank you for your continued support! We hope to see you at both the 2009 Quarterly Seminars and the 2010 GIS Workshop.
The Seven Hills Regional Usergroup for GIS Workshop Planning Committee	
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