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As many of you know ESRI will be releasing  ArcGIS 9.3.1 soon.
Supposedly sometime this quarter. From what I have been able to pick up
this intermediary release focuses largely on ArcGIS Server and improving
its performance. The few sneak peeks I have seen would indicate ESRI has
been very successful in that regard. So what all will 9.3.1 include:

*         Revamped map rendering engine which means faster map service
draw times via the web (faster than even ArcIMS and very close to

*         New toolbar in ArcMap for publishing and tuning a map service
to ArcGIS Server

*         Packaged layer files which include both data and symbology so
you can email they to folks and so on

*         Some enhanced tools for Java developers including some new


So that is the major stuff 9.3.1 will address. Based on what I have seen
I would strongly encourage any ArcGIS Server users that are publishing
map services to an intranet or the internet to look at upgrading to
9.3.1. If you are not using ArcGIS Server to publish map services, then
you can most likely stay where you are at for a while. I am sure ESRI
will be demonstrating these improvements at SERUG. 


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PS I will be teaching an Introduction to ArcGIS I for ArcGIS 9.2 class
in Tallahassee on April 8th and 9th through Toughtware Technologies. The
cost is $655 per student. You can get more information on their website
at or contact me. 


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