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Sorry I missed yesterday's meeting.  I hear Nathaniel did a fair job of
filling in for me though with his presentation on Tips and Tricks for
ArcGIS.  I hope several of y'all picked up some helpful information. I
also hope the rest of the presentations went well too. 


I was up at the South Carolina GIS Conference in Columbia which was why
I was not at the meeting yesterday. While I was there, I was able to ask
ESRI about whether or not they planned to make ArcGIS Desktop 10 in a 64
bit flavor. The answer I got was no. At least not with the initial
release of 10 any way, it will still be 32 bit.  That is not to say
ArcGIS 10 will not run on a 64 bit machine. It will just like 9.3 does.
It will run in 32 bit mode.  


Just thought I would share that little tid bit. 


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