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Thu Jan 28 16:50:52 EST 2010

Hi All,

Has anyone experienced the following problem, if so, can you offer a solution or explanation?

I'm running an Append process in ArcGIS ModelBuilder.  The inputs are all using the %workspace% variable and the workspace path is set at the model level (model properties...).  If I run the process from inside the model, it appends the records, but the attribute values are empty.  If I flag each input as a parameter and run the model from the toolbox (double click model), the inputs are not found until I set the workspace path at the tool level (Environment...).  When I run it that way, both records and values are added to the output correctly.    BTW - This only happens with the Append tool... the other tools work properly in either scenario.  We've been able to duplicate this problem on other machines, so it appears to be an ArcGIS issue.

Bottom line - I want to be able to run the model without having to set the environment workspace each time, and I also want to be able to run it from inside ModelBuilder.   Maybe I'm misunderstanding the Environment Settings hierarchy, but why does it only affect the Append tool?

Can anyone offer an explanation?


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