shrug-l: Virtualizing ArcGIS Server

Keith Sandell Keith.Sandell at
Mon Nov 29 11:53:38 EST 2010

Hey everybody,


I'm looking for thoughts/experiences concerning running AGS on a virtual
machine, within a local network.


I took a look at ESRI's whitepaper on the topic that was released last
year under 9.3, but want to hear about some real world experiences
virtualizing AGS.


We are running v 10 (no SP) so thoughts regarding this version are
especially helpful, but any thoughts regardless of version are sincerely


I'd like to hear about the whole kit and caboodle, from host machine OS
to VM platform, configuration tips/tricks/settings, gotchas, best
practices, etc. regarding both AGS App servers and AGS DB Servers.


Not expected someone to rewrite the whitepaper, but any information you
can toss my way is greatly appreciated.


Thanks to all.




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to employ methods never before attempted." - Francis Bacon


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