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Wed Sep 22 13:21:37 EDT 2010

The division I work for has 1 concurrent ArcInfo license and an array of 
concurrent ArcEditor and ArcView Licenses. 

Under ArcGIS administrator only one machine has its software product set 
to ArcInfo. Prior to the installation of 10, only this machine was able to 
access our one ArcInfo license. 

With the installation of 10, one of the machines on the network whose 
software product is set to ArcEditor now seemingly randomly checks out the 
ArcInfo License even when the program is not being run. Moreover, when you 
run the program on this machine it checks out an ArcEditor license and 
does not use the ArcInfo license. It only turns in the license when the 
computer is restarted. 

ArcInfo workstation is not installed on this machine and borrowing is 
turned off on all machines.

Any idea what is going? Thanks in advance

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