shrug-l: South Georgia sub-chapter meeting of GA-URISA in Thomasville

Thu Apr 21 07:49:04 EDT 2011

Hello all,

I wanted to take just a minute and invite you to register for the first South Georgia sub-chapter of GA-URISA lunch meeting being held here in Thomasville on Tuesday May 03.  Please follow the link below for registration information.

For those friends in south GA on the SHRUG list this will be a very informative program.  We have Dan Bollinger, Executive Director of the SWGA Regional Commission and Heidi Penny, GIS Manager with SWGA RC scheduled to present a program that covers their use of GIS in planning and support to the local governments they serve.  Come learn about how GIS has helped many communities and pick up ideas on how it can help you.

For my friends in N. Florida and S. Alabama this program could be of benefit to you to.  Come learn about how GIS fits into the planning process here in GA and leave with new ideas to take back to your state.

Like with SHRUG events these lunch meetings provide great networking opportunities for GIS professionals, Managers, consultants, service/equipment providers, educators, students, and just about anyone with an interest in GIS.

Not interested?  Please consider passing this email on to other who may be.  Feel free to contact me via email or phone if you need more information.

South Georgia sub-chapter GA-URISA May Lunch Meeting Info<>

Hope to see you at the meeting,

Duane "JT" Treadon
Planning Dept. GIS Analyst
City of Thomasville

111 Victoria Pl.
Thomasville, GA 31792
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