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1. Legislation passed on Thursday (HB 7129) proposes to lift most state
controls over urban sprawl,

leaving the issue up to local governments. Sponsors of the bill believe that
it will help take the

burden off local governments placed on them by the state. Rep. Erik Fresen,
R-Miami, specified

that state controls are no longer needed since local governments are better
equipped to deal with

development than they were more than 20 years ago. Opponents of the bill
argue that it would

result in higher taxes by shifting the responsibility to pay for growth from
developers to cities,

counties and school districts and dispute the premise that reducing growth
controls will boost the

state's economy. One provision would repeal state "concurrency" requirements
for developers to

assure adequate schools, roads and other infrastructure are in place to
accommodate their

projects. Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, has stated that this "is a tax
increase plain and simple.

[...] Getting rid of concurrency requirements will shift the burden of new
development onto existing

residents." Additional concerns focus on the recent housing boom and bust
since overdevelopment in

the urban housing market was at the center of the crisis. However, rising
gas prices may prove to

make the issue of overdeveloped urban sprawl a moot point, at least in the
short run, with high

commute costs reducing the desirability of distant suburbs.



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