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Seats are still available for the Mastering Python for ArcGIS
q46IZQSeuhtaA36GDcsimsgHksa8s2N-ZzKA==>  class scheduled for August 23
through 25 at Keck & Wood's Training Center in Duluth, Georgia. This 3
day instructor led course is designed to teach the fundamental
programming constructs of the Python language and how it can be
integrated with ArcGIS Desktop to automate geoprocessing tasks. See the
course description below for more details.


This class can be used as education credits toward getting or
maintaining the GISP certification
-9_6GucDa3SSUYgM_rc2AmNmj99qDmk8E=> . Some states and organizations will
also accept them a Continuing Education or Professional Development


GIS Programming 101: Mastering Python for ArcGIS


Dates: August 23 - 25, 2011

Location: Keck & Wood Training Center, Duluth, GA



This 3 day course is designed to teach the fundamental programming
constructs of the Python language and how it can be integrated with
ArcGIS Desktop to automate geoprocessing tasks.  Course participants
will be led through a series of 12 modules covering topics such as basic
Python language features, the Geoprocessor ArcObject and its associated
classes, creation of dynamic scripts which can be added to ArcToolbox,
error handling techniques, and many others. 


Target Audience:

This course is for experienced ArcGIS users that are looking to learn
how Python scripts can be created to automate processes. Some basic
computer programming knowledge is recommended but you don't need to be
an expert programmer. 


Course Goals:

After successfully completing this course users will have acquired a
number of new skills related to Geoprocessing with Python. These new
skills include: 

*	Fundamental understanding of the Python programming language. 
*	How to write Python scripts to do geoprocessing tasks such as
buffer, clip, overlay, insert, update, and delete rows from a table or
feature class, and any other system tool provided by ArcToolbox. 
*	How to create custom toolboxes in ArcToolbox 
*	How to read the Geoprocessor Object Model Diagram 
*	How to write dynamic scripts that can be attached to ArcToolbox.

*	Understanding of the Geoprocessor ArcObject and how it controls
access to the geoprocessing objects. 


The cost to attend this three day class is $1,350.00. Discounts are
available for organizations that send 2 or more student or that bundle
this class with other training courses.


For more information or to register contact us at
gistraining at 


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