shrug-l: Any experiences with the Capturx/Adapx pen?

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First let me say we are a reseller of the Pens so I want to make sure
that is clear from the get go. We have not really sold many of them.
Mainly because of the economy and I have not been pushing hard to sell
them. We have used them in our on projects however with great success. 


The pens represent a great idea for anyone that needs to collect field
data that does not need to be extremely spatially accurate, is on a
limited budget, and whose field crews are not technically oriented. It
also requires little training for folks to use because it can mimic
their current workflow with only minor changes.


Here are the issues I have encountered when trying to use it:

1.      A postscript print was not used to print the maps or forms -
always use one from the Adapx list

2.      Forms were designed requiring too much writing and the software
mistranslated the values

3.      When using with the ArcGIS Extension, folks would forget to
click on the legend before drawing changes and create features on the
wrong layer. 

4.      Pens are easy to lose or misplace

5.      Had some issues getting the initial installation running but
once running is very stable.


Here are the benefits, many of which I have already listed:

1.      Inexpensive compared to GPS and other mobile solutions

2.      Integrates with multiple systems including Excel, ArcGIS, and

3.      Easy to use, requires little training

4.      Can mimic existing paper based workflows requiring little change
to how things are done. This leads to greater acceptance and less push
back from users

5.      Easy to deploy to a large or non-technical work force

6.      Provides an automatic hardcopy backup in case pen is lost or


There are my thoughts on it. 


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I been asked to evaluate implementing the Adapx "digital ink" pen at my
new workplace.  The pen allows the user to fill out a trtaditional paper
form (creating a hardcopy for custodial and record-keeping reasons), but
it also captures the written data electronically (thus eliminating
keypunch data entry).  We are specifically thinking about capture to
Excel, but I'm interested in hearing from anyone with experience using
any of this line of products, including the ArcGIS module.  It would be
great to know if anyone is using this in routine operations.
Jay Johnson

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