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Sun Feb 13 17:10:45 EST 2011

Hey Shruggers,


I may have found an undocumented feature of AGS 10 (no SP) services...


I have a Composite Locator (4 dual range locators) wired up in a
Javascript API app.


The Locator returns the expected candidates when executing the locator
from the Services Directory.


According to Firebug the input parameters that are being submitted from
the App are correct in content and form; and exactly the same as those
submitted to the Services Directory.


However, the Geocoding Service "successfully" (as in no error messages)
returns an EMPTY array of candidates to the App, when it should return
the same set of candidates that I received when executing the service
from the directory.


I spent an hour on the phone with tech support on Friday after having
already tried all the things they ended up having me try. They were just
as stumped as I was.


The only difference that we could identify between my app and their
example was that the example uses a 9.3 Geocoding Service and mine uses
a v10, but that shouldn't bit it right. Because new software versions
are always better... J 


I was able to download the 9.3 locator styles from ESRI, after the call,
and make a 9.3 locator and it works.


Has anybody else had any difficulties with v10 Geocoding Services not
working with an API?




Keith Sandell, MBA

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to employ methods never before attempted." - Francis Bacon


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