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Wed Feb 16 14:03:28 EST 2011

Thanks to all for their help with the image catalog.  I downloaded 6 counties worth of data but did not get the corresponding Mr.SID catalog file.  Beverly Renard from FREAC emailed me the dbf files for each county.  The purpose of using the dbf image file is to add a single file to ArcMap instead of the 1000 plus sid images for each county.  Here are the steps if you would like to use a catalog.

1.       Download county imagery into a folder

2.       Acquire the ...catalog.dbf file for the county and store in same folder with sid files

3.       In arcmap, add the catalog.dbf file, open attribute table and field calculate the IMAGE field to the path of the stored files (drive letter and directories).

4.       Once the path is set, you should be able to view the aerials and set scales for visibility.

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