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Cook, Gary Gary.Cook at
Tue Feb 22 10:48:40 EST 2011

Hi Everyone,
I have a label problem in ArcMap that I can't figure out and would like your help.
We have a our permits displayed in a point layer.  Some permits are issued annually and are located at the very same spot, so they have 16 to 20 points on top of each other. Permits are number sequentially so they could be sorted.
Here's my problem, I want the most recent permit number to be either the top point and therefore that label will be the one displayed, or tell ArcMap to label using the first or last record depending on the sort to use as the label.
Script?  Maplex? Any other method? All suggestions considered.

Gary Cook GISP

GIS Manager
Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems
850 413-7719

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