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Keck & Wood is excited to announce our first ArcGIS Desktop Associate
Exam Prep class. This 16 hour class will help prepare students to take
Esri's new ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Exam
<> .


This exam is part of Esri's new ArcGIS Technical Associate Certification
Program <> . According
to Esri, "The Esri Technical Certification Program recognizes qualified
individuals who are proficient in best practices for using Esri
software. Esri Technical Certifications are awarded in different areas
of expertise at both an Associate and Professional level. The program is
open to Esri users worldwide."       


The ArcGIS Desktop Associate is targeted for ArcGIS 10 Desktop users
with at least two years experience using ArcGIS Desktop software.
However this is just a guideline and not a requirement to sit for the
exam. The exam consists of 95 multiple choice and true/false questions.
Some questions allow for multiple answers. You have 2.5 hours to
complete the exam.


Our new Desktop Associate Exam prep class is designed to provide a
general refresher of the tools, terms and functionality associated with
ArcGIS 10. Topics covered will include Editing with ArcGIS 10 Feature
Templates, Data Driven Pages, Dynamic Text, Projections, Managing Data,
Sharing data, and Visualizing data. 


Since this is the first time we are teaching this course, we are
offering it at a reduced rate of $500.00 per student. The class will be
held via our virtual internet classroom on January 31 thru February 3 in
four sessions. Sessions will be from 1 pm to 5 pm EST. The class will be
taught by an Esri ArcGIS Desktop Certified Associate. The instructor is
also an Esri Authorized Instructor, CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer,
and GIS Certified Professional. For more information or to register
please visit our website at 


Don't forget about our other GIS classes as well. For a complete list of
courses we offer, visit our website at 



Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP
Vice President, GIS/IT
ESRI Authorized Instructor
Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10 Certified Associate
CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer
Keck & Wood, Inc. <> 
(678) 417-4013
(678) 417-4055 fax


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