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Fri Jan 14 14:26:38 EST 2011

I have a question for the list having to do with graphic generation which I know isn't necessarily a primary concern for you all--  but what the heck.

I routinely convert mxd to .eps, or .pdf  so that our graphics department can spiff them up and insert the maps into mass printed publications. These maps usually have hundreds of symbolized and labeled points which are converted to graphics.  Labels are converted to annotation and then the whole shebang is exported.  Sometimes the map will have a geo referenced tiff. The whole process is ok but not optimal.

One consistent issue our graphics department has had to deal with using this method is labeling. Labels converted to annotation often display erratically for them. A lable "A197" will often be grouped strangely with the letter and first number grouped and the rest of the label exiting as separate entities with variable spacing between digits - does anyone know what causes this?

I suspect some of the other issues that they deal with (strange line separation, issues with stippled fill) may be fixed by using a converter but am not sure if this will work for text or symbolization issues.

Also does anyone use:

Furgo Pelagos dxf page Exporter

And if so do they work in Arc Gis 10?  which I will migrate to soon


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