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January 18, 2011 (Des Plaines, IL) - URISA is now accepting abstract
submissions for GIS-Pro 2011: URISA's 49th Annual Conference for GIS
Professionals.  The conference will take place November 1-4, 2011 in
Indianapolis, Indiana. 


Proposals for presentations, panel discussions, luncheon talks and
Ignite presentations are invited. Submittals should fit within one of
the program tracks noted below and described in much greater detail
online at or Abstract submissions are due
on or before March 14, 2011.


Roadmaps for GIS Professionals - This track was formed to address a
number of issues pertinent to the image and professional development
path of the geospatial technologies professional in today's working
world. Professional development plays a large part in defining a
profession and also encourages positive growth in your career track.
Submit an abstract within this track to share your experiences and ideas
about advancing as a GIS Professional. 


The Business Benefits of GIS - How do you best illustrate the direct and
indirect benefits of GIS utilization and educate your organization about
how GIS can increase productivity and save money? Benchmarking,
organizational education, GIS maturity models, business case models, ROI
techniques, financial and budgeting considerations and success stories
where GIS was the answer are some of the topics that are welcomed within
this track.


Immersive GIS - What's next and how do we catch up with what's already
here?  This track welcomes presentations that demonstrate new geospatial
industry trends as well as how GIS is being developed to utilize new
state of the art technologies.


GIS Speaks Out - This track looks at how GIS technologies, programs, and
solutions are maturing across the Enterprise, and, as a result,
providing much greater return on investment than if kept in isolated
silos. Leadership, governance, creativity, change management, and
collaboration, are but a few of the non-technical characteristics that
lead to GIS maturity. Share your expertise in how to integrate GIS
within other organizational units as well as how to use GIS leadership
skills to achieve a pervasive level of maturity within your


One Government - How should public sector representatives of multiple
jurisdictions and overlapping levels of government (federal,
state/provincial, regional, local) act collaboratively as One
Government? What are some tried and true approaches to data sharing
challenges and what is the role of government in setting standards?  Can
we get government to support and fund spatial data as an infrastructure
asset with appreciating value (as opposed to depreciating value) over
time?  How can initiatives such as Open Data and Gov 2.0 contribute to a
better return on the geospatial investment, while still maintaining
necessary protection of privacy?  With any luck, this track will bring
together a collective conscience that will provide some insight and
creativity into building solutions that address many of these complex


Abstracts are due on or before March 14, 2011.  For further details,
visit or 


Tripp Corbin, CFM, GISP  

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