shrug-l: Esri Training in West Palm Beach - Seats Available!

Renee Schreibman rschreibman at
Fri Jan 21 14:39:50 EST 2011

FYI: There are seats available for the following 2 classes in the West
Palm Beach Training location in February 2011

Creating Effective Web Applications Using ArcGIS Server
seID=50121938_10.x>  (2 days) FEBRUARY 14th - 15th

Building Web Applications Using the ArcGIS API for Microsoft
seID=50121723_10.x>  (2 days) FEBRUARY 16th- 17th


If you are interested you have to register by January 26th.

You can secure your spot in one of these classes by clicking on the
course names listed above

List price for each class is $980 per person (2 day class)


Feel free to email me with any questions!

Renee Schreibman | Southeast Training Consultant
Esri | 3325 Springbank Lane, Suite 200 | Charlotte, NC 28226 | USA
T (704) 541-9810 x8639 | M (704) 288-6028 
rschreibman at |


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