shrug-l: ArcScene 9.3 SP 1 Esri Incident #927324 (Hemant K) All images not getting draped correctly on the DEM

Porter, William B. william.porter at
Tue May 10 15:39:33 EDT 2011

In regard to the problems I had with ArcScene 9.3


On a whim I loaded service Pack 1 - and it works perfectly now. 

I didn't read the documentation to determine if this was a known fix,
but it works happily now.   


I didn't sew the images together:  I was doing one step at a time.  I
had downloaded the patches so I figured I should try to install them.

I guess I should load ArcGIS 10 sometime soon. 


If I can remember how I made the buildings look solid I could die happy.
All I can do right now is see the top and bottom of them, as if the
walls are clear.


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