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I heard similar things but never be able to find documentation related
to such a project(s).  It is my understanding one left turn costs as
much as three right turns.  I am not sure if ESRI could help locating
such a documentation.  Thanks

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Henry, et al:

Back a few years ago UPS spend some $60,000 and used ArcInfo to set up
their delivery routes to favor right turns and eliminate as many left
turns as possible (due to the longer time on average that a vehicle
spends idling at a stop sign or waiting for a traffic light to change).
It is my understanding that this exercise ended up saving UPS something
like two million dollars a year on truck fuel.  Optimizing routing is
worth the effort.

-- John

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      Some of you may know about this site.  If not, it might be
worth a look if any you has a certain route you cover on a regular
basis, or need to find the most cost efficient route, then here is
the tool for you.

The way it works is you sign up for the 30 day free trial which
allows you to schedule up to 50 vehicles.

After the 30 day trial you can revert to an indefinite (no ending)
free account for one vehicle only.

C. Henry Depew

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