shrug-l: A couple of fixes for issues caused by ArcGIS 10 SP 2

Tripp Corbin tcorbin at
Fri May 13 09:55:13 EDT 2011

Here are a couple of issues some folks have had since installing SP 2
for ArcGIS 10 along with some work arounds. 


Problem: Opening an MXD created using Save a Copy - work around
suggested by Esri Support Team

We (Esri Support) discovered that the issue occurs if the map document
was created using the "Save a Copy" functionality to save the map
document to version 8.3, 9.0 or 9.31 and the map document contains map
surround elements (North Arrow, Legend, Scale Bar, Scale Text).


We hope to deliver a quick fix to this issue but until that time if you
still have access to 9.3.1 here would be a workaround for you to use the
map document at 10 sp2:


Open the Map Document in 9.3.1 and delete all the map surrounds (North
Arrow, Legend, Scale Bar, Scale Text) from the map document.


Recreate the map surrounds and save the map document.


Problem: Extremely Slow Editing & Saving

I had a cohort that experienced a problem when trying to edit after
installing SP 2.  He experienced an extreme slow down when trying to
edit, save the edits or save changes to the MXD. The MXD was created in
10 as well as a geodatabase. 


He ended up abandoning the MXD and creating a new one. He also created a
new geodatabase and moved all his FCs to that new one. The problem went
away after all that. 


Just thought I would pass these along. I would still recommend not
installing SP2 just yet. While several folks had indicated they have not
experienced any problems, they appear to be in the minority at the
moment. I am sure Esri will get the major issues resolved soon. 


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