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Add an identifying field/attribute if necessary (to the dataset you wish to remove), then run a Union between the two datasets, then do a selection on the tagged data, and then use the delete rows to get rid of the offending records :)  After that use the delete fields tool to clean up the dataset and remove the unnecessary fields. can do this w/ an ArcView license.

Have fun!

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Hey Shruggers,

Perhaps I am having an off day...

Riddle me this:

How do you accomplish the effects of an Erase or Symmetrical Difference if you do "not" have an ArcInfo license?

I have Info, but that is beside the point.

Can anyone think of any combination of the tools available with ArcEditor that could result in the output of an Erase or Symmetrical Difference?

Outside of writing a python script to write the new geometry by combing the two I can't find a solution.


As always solutions and/or humorous comments are appreciated. :)

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