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Fri Aug 17 10:40:51 EDT 2012

Are you considering Esri's Desktop Associate Certification Exam? Are you are
ready for this exam? Are you sure? Or maybe you are just looking for a
refresher on ArcGIS Desktop. 


eGIS Associates has developed a class to help you prepare for this
certification exam and indentify areas where you might need some additional
practice. Our students are experiencing a 90% pass rate on this exam after
taking this course. Many students refer to our course as their "secret
weapon" in preparing for and passing the exam.


We will be holding our ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Exam Prep
<>  class on Aug
20-23 via our online classroom. This online class will be taught by yours
truly. It will be conducted in four 4 hour sessions from 1:30 EDT to 5:30
EDT. If you are interested in registering for this class please contact me.
I will give all SHRUG Members a 15% discount.


Tripp Corbin, MCP, CFM, GISP | Chief Executive Officer
 <> eGIS Associates, Inc.

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