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As expected a few more reports have come in from those that have made the
jump to ArcGIS 10.1. Many confirm the issues I already shared earlier (click
here to read about those <> ). A
couple have been new ones. 


There appears to be some issues with Address Locators in 10.1. Specifically
Dual Range Locators don't seem to work. Single house or address range
locators work fine. Locators created in prior versions seem to still
function in ArcGIS Desktop. They however will not work when you attempt to
publish them to ArcGIS Server 10.1. 


Some other issues have been reported with ArcGIS Server 10.1. It appears
that the ports used for REST services change if you just accept the
defaults. This can impact your web applications. Also there appears to be
some issues with loading ArcGIS Server and getting all the services to load.
There is a command line loading procedure that seems to be a work around for
this issue. 


These issues have been submitted to Esri and are being addressed. Esri has
already begun issuing patches for ArcGIS 10.1. To download patches go to 


If you are using the GPS Analyst extension from Trimble, then do not upgrade
to ArcGIS 10.1. This extension has not been upgraded to work with ArcGIS
10.1. ArcGIS for Desktop v10.1 includes fundamental changes to its
underlying technology. As a result of this the GPS Analyst extension for
ArcGIS for Desktop software is incompatible with v10.1. Users that need to
post-process or differentially correct GNSS data directly inside ArcGIS for
Desktop software will need to STAY at ArcGIS Desktop v10.0 until Trimble has
a new release.


I will continue to post information about 10.1 and any bugs I come across.
If you happen to discover any issues with 10.1 or some functionality that is
impressive, please share that information with me. Don't forget Service Pack
5 for ArcGIS 10 is scheduled for release this month. 


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