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Good Monday to all.

We are working on developing a GIS Policy/Procedures/Standards document for our city.  Little back story, various departments have been using GIS for quite some time and this year the City is moving from an independent department model to an enterprise model.  During this process we are looking to develop a document that prescribes GIS policy, standards, and procedures.  I am currently looking into legal issues related to GIS.  Something that has come to my attention for thought is, how to deal with open record requests.  Coming from the Planning Dept. I am very familiar with the process when someone is requesting a paper document, but with GIS I am lost as to how best handle a request for a shapefile or other "e-file" .

I know that each state sets up its own open records laws and that many organization apply their own process to meet the intent of the law.  So how do you deal with open records requests for GIS data?

Also if you have any links (or PDF copies to share) to good overall GIS Policy/Standards/Procedure documents I'd appreciate it.  The GIS Management Handbook has a good outline that we are looking to follow where appropriate.

Thanks in advance for all the great idea that I know will come in.

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