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After learning about the Web Mercator Projection  at the last SHRUG
meeting - and being puzzled why ESRI called it a projection [not a
simple variation on Decimal Degree],  I had an application for this
projection.   The Blackboard Corporation is creating a web applet for
FAMU, using map data I provided.  I had converted my precise, state
plane HARN map into  WGS_1984.  I gave them point [X,Y] data from the
same projection.  


The day after the SHRUG meeting I was told my DD map did not line up. I
guessed instantly that they were using Web Mercator.  I projected the
map to Web Mercator and they were happy. 


Then I was asked to create several more campus points:  Campus Center,
the Pool, Tennis Courts, other stuff. 

I worked with the data in Web Mercator,  then did a new "Add XY",
exported the data and didn't look closely at it.   I received complaints
from the Blackboard people that it was in a different format.  I checked
- and they were right.  Instead of -83.nnn, 30.nnn, it was  in the
format -93nnnn,  470nnn .  More like UTM coords.   After an unsuccessful
call to ESRI about it,  I Googled the alleged projection and discovered
this:  Web Mercator is used by Google, Bing and ESRI for world scale
mapping.  Here is the strange part:  It creates a hybrid [or
bastardized]  DD-Cartesian coordinate system,  outputting X,Y points in
meters.   ESRI has a 'simple' conversion showing how any point is


So, Web Mercator is a 'projection' of sorts, but it has limitations you
may not expect, aside from low precision and distortion proportional to
distance from the equator [although the math tries to reduce that].  I
suppose it being called "Mercator" would have alerted a more clever
person, but I missed it. The ESRI tech clearly had no idea of the
relationship between DD and Web Mercator and no one had asked before.  



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