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Hi Jessica,
I think it has to do with the geometry of area and line features (you did
mention the calculate area issue).  GPS folks like yourself often can
create sliver geometries when collecting vertices in the field
second-by-second.  Issues like slivers, or vertices mm apart are not easily
recognized in the editing process, and because the darn ESRI shapefile is
so forgiving, it has no recognition at all of topology.  Another problem
you may see is in running buffers on GPS data.   Topology issues like this
are resolved in ArcToolbox with the Repair Geometry tool.  Run that tool on
an offensive shape after export, and I think you will see this issue

You can right click the Repair Geometry Tool, run it in Batch, and
highlight multiple shapes at one time to clean up a whole slew of shapes.
I run Repair Geometry on all my exported shapes.

alternatives are exporting to file geodatabase. New in 5.2, and a new
release of the ArcGIS10.1 API has allowed Trimble to fix many of the
original problems with the first version of fGDB export.  Look for an
update coming soon (usually in July/August).
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I upgraded  10 and Pathfinder 5.1.  Now  I’m finding that I’m having geo
processing trouble in random files.  For instance,  calculating  area in
some shape files will cause an error and crash my system, same with
intersects.  I’ve reloaded the program, installed service Pac 3, exported
the data to shape (which then sometimes shows the calculation that caused
the crash).  I’ve called ESRI and been told it’s just the file.   I’m about
ready to just pitch 10.  Has anyone had compatibility problems with
Pathfinder 5.1 and ArcGIS 10?  Any ideas?
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