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I may regret blasting this out - but I don't want to overlook some state
program that I am totally unaware of -


I have been contacted by the National States Geographic Information
Council's Address Work Group with the following questions regarding
state address leads -- 

*   Who (one or more individuals) if anyone performs the principle roles
for address data coordination for the State of Florida? Can you provide
their name(s), title(s), office(s), address(es), phone number(s), email
address(es), and order of preference (if more than one individual)?

*   Would you consider Florida to have an "Active" statewide geospatial
address data management program?  Does your program have a webpage to
describe that program, and if so, what is the URL for that page?

*   Who (listed above) if any, would you consider your "Address Program
Coordinator"?  Are they a member of the NSGIC Address Work Group? Would
you like them to be?

As far as I know, the State of Florida has no geospatial address data
management program, as no state agency has been given authority to be
the steward of such, and all addressing is done at the county or local


I know that Department of Revenue is very interested in addressing for
general tax administration and certainly Department of Management
Service 911 program coordination could have a role in statewide
addressing - but again, to my knowledge, there is no authority, program,
or efforts within either to consolidate local addressing data into a
statewide, framework data layer.   


So I believe the answers are --

*   Nobody.

*   I would consider Florida to have a non-existent geospatial address
data management program.

*   Nobody that I can recommend -- if anyone is especially interested in
participating on an Address Work Group, please let me know. 

Does anybody have any other information that they could recommend?

Richard Butgereit, GISP
GIS Administrator, Information Management

Florida Division of Emergency Management

richard.butgereit at
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