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Tue Apr 9 08:38:24 EDT 2013

Come on by Myers Park Community Room from 3-5 this afternoon and become an active participant in YOUR 2013 SHRUG Workshop.  There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and contribute back to your GIS community.

Map of Location<>

Attached you will find notes from our first meeting of the year.  As indicated on the task list there are many tasks that are in need of a task team.  We hope to also have at least two members for each task, look at all the "& ??" on the task list.  Please consider where you might want to help out.  The SHRUG workshops do not just happen by themselves.  It takes a team of dedicated members to make it a success, become active in YOUR GIS community by helping out this year.

If you are not able to participate in the meetings but still want to be involved we have a solution for you.  Contact me for more information.

Thanks for all you do to support SHRUG and our greater GIS Community.

See you at the meeting,

Duane Treadon, GISP
Director of GIS | City of Thomasville | Technology Resources
Office: (229) 227-4023 | Cell: (229) 221-5991
111 Victoria Place | P.O. Box 1540 | Thomasville, GA | 31799

The Power of Community. The Power of Service.

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