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While I can’t speak for how most Florida Counties map and manage easements,
I can say that in Georgia they are largely ignored as part of most cadastral
datasets. Since the easement only grants some partial right to a party with
the actual ownership of the area in question still remaining with the land
owner, most County Assessors offices have chosen not to include easements on
their maps or in their datasets. 


I have started seeing some more forward thinking Counties to begin at least
capturing those easements as line features in their GIS databases. They are
not going back to old data but are just capturing what they see on new plats
or deeds. They figure overtime they will build this layer out. 


If was charged with creating a new easement layer which contained all the
easements I could find, I personally would start with Utilities. Most
utilities, especially sewer, storm sewer and electric, have access and
maintenance easements that follow their structures after they leave the road
rights of way. In most cases these easements are defined as a buffer off
their infrastructure. So if you have the utility data then you can fairly
easily create the easements. The big power companies (Southern Company) and
gas pipeline companies (Colonial Pipeline) so often maintain a layer of
easements and utility rights of way within their GIS Databases. I would get
with them next. They might be willing to share that data with you but they
can be reluctant to do so for various reasons. If you get a copy of their
data, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t line up well with your County’s. 


That should get you a lion share of the easements in your County. Next is
trying to locate all the private easements which is no small feat. I don’t
know of any other way to do it outside of shifting through plats and deeds.
You also need to figure out what easements you want to capture. For example
do you only want those that deal with ground easements or do you also want
those that cover the air. Some airports get air access easements from
surrounding parcels. What about easements that grant rights to minerals,
timber, or other rights to a parcel? 


I hope this helps.  


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Greetings Shruggers,


Does anyone have information about easements and who in your county
maintains them in your GIS or database?   This might be more geared towards
Department of Revenue GIS folks but are there requirements let’s say by DOR
that say Property Appraisers are to maintain any and all easements in their
jurisdiction?  Or maybe does this come down to the Clerks responsibility and
that Clerks Offices are to keep track of all easements in their records?  Or
maybe is it the County Planner and the Planning Department that is to
maintain these?   Yes, I could probably ask our local officers these
questions but just in case they don’t know the answer to them I would like
to know what others out there have done to collect them or research them.  


To summarize, I am being asked to map all easements in our county and being
a 1 man shop I can’t yet see how I will tackle this large and seemingly
impossible project without so much as a list of locations of easements and
so forth.  Make sense?


Thanks for any help,




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