shrug-l: Help: Positioning TextBox or <esri:InfoWindow> in Silverlight

Tan, Yurong (OIG) Yurong.tan at
Thu Aug 1 13:07:36 EDT 2013

I am working on a secondary "popup" from a MapTip to display additional information and I haven't been able to position the pop up (either TextBox or esri:InfoWindow) properply.  As we know the base frame for the LayoutRoot is a Grid, I have tried my_TextBox.SetVale(Canvas.LeftProperty, X); and my_TextBox(Canvas.TopProperty, Y);  my_TextBox.SetVale(Grid.RowProperty, X); and my_TextBox(Grid.ColumnProiperty, Y);  to set the position for the my_TextBox, but so far I am still out of luck.  In fact the pop up stays at the center of the map (LayoutRoot) display. Is there a pointer out there or a sample to look at?  Or what do I miss?

Yurong Tan
VA OIG Healthcare Inspections
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