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As you are likely aware ArcGIS 10.2 has been recently released. One of the features/tools being shown around the ESRI UC for ArcGIS Online this year is what is being called the "Operations Dashboard".

One of the critical hardware components are AVLs (Automatic Vehicle Locators) to track the location of vehicles.

Surely some of you out there in Emergency Response and Law Enforcement are familiar with this topic. We talked to several vendors @ the UC but their scope of work and services were too complex for something this basic. They mostly wanted to build the mapping site and work on the whole project, which is not the scope I envision. 

I am looking for input or experiences that would meet the following criteria ideally. 

1- device would be portable between vehicles (we use contractors for election equipment deliveries) 
2- as cost effective as possible (stay under $300 each if possible)
3- low or no monthly subscription plan required, reasonable activation costs. 
4- device only need communicate near real-time location, not perform on-the-fly routing or absorb other data. It is not for navigation. 

The is something really just on the drawing board at this phase, trying to work up some reasonably accurate costs. If you have any working knowledge about the Operations Dashboard, I would be happy to hear that as well. A quick Google search shows many options across many price points, maybe some of you out there can help narrow the choices. 

Thanks as always. 

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