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Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know Esri will be releasing a new version of
ArcGIS Online tomorrow. This new version will have several new functions
which you might find useful as you deploy ArcGIS Online for your
organization. Remember you now get one named user and 100 credits for each
ArcGIS for Desktop License you have that is under current maintenance. Not
sure how to deploy or use your ArcGIS Online Subscription. You might want to
check out our FlightPlan for ArcGIS Online
<>  service. 


So what is coming with this new release of ArcGIS Online:


Creating and Viewing Maps:


1.       The ability to make a copy of a layer in your map and configure
different properties on the copied layer such as pop-up windows and symbols,
and save the layer as a new item. You'll also be able to save layers you
import to your map such as CSV files and map notes.

2.       Administrators will be able to configure the default map units for
the scale bar, measure tool, directions, and analysis. ArcGIS Online members
will be able to set the units they see through their profiles' page.

3.       More options to change symbols such as rotating point symbols,
normalization of your data, vary the width of lines, and use size to display
a graduated point symbol over a polygon. 

4.       Time-enabled layers will include an option to disable the time
animation so the time slider does not appear on the map.


GIS Web Application Templates:


1.       You will be able to create configurable map apps and group gallery
apps from Esri-featured template details pages featured in the Gallery.

2.       The Basie Viewer, Social Media, Legend, and Panels templates
geocoder will show a list of suggestions as you time in your search term.


Basemaps and other ready to use layers:


1.       Updated imagery, including recent 30 meter Landsat 8 imagery for
the world.

2.       Separate base and overlay layers in the Oceans basemap that give
you more flexibility when adding data.

3.       20 more countries will be added to the Demographic & Lifestyle maps
group, bringing the total to over 120 countries.


ArcGIS Online Administration and Users:


1.       Authors will have the option to enable copy protection on their
maps. This is useful when you want your map to be viewed as you configured
it and you do not want it to be easily copied and saved by others. Users
will still be able to edit features on your editable layers.

2.       When you add a CSV file to ArcGIS Online and share it with
everybody (public), the details page will display the URL. You can then use
the URL to reference the CSV file as a layer in web apps, pop-up windows,
and so on.

3.       A setting for the default basemap in the map viewer to open at a
default extent set by the organization.

4.       A setting to add Esri basemaps and templates to configuration
groups so you can automatically include the Esri default basemaps and Esri
default templates in the groups.

5.       A custom contact link in the footer of your ArcGIS Online website.

6.       Functionality to provide administrators with the capability to
resend and remove invitations for pending members. Once you've remove an
invitation, you will be able to reuse the username.

7.       The ability for administrators to disable an ArcGIS Online member
login to prevent her or him from signing in to the organization.


These are just a list of a few key changes. To find out about all the
updates that will be included in this new release go to:



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