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Shruginar Attendees:


For those of you who sat in on my UAS presentation at the Shruginar on
Tuesday, the following link may interest you.   The Turkish police shot down
a private citizen's camera-equipped RC helicopter that was recording the
police using tear gas and pressurized water to disperse a crowd.  Some nice
aerial footage is shown at the link prior to the "shoot down".    Recall
that the recently enacted Florida law prohibits Florida law enforcement from
using camera-equipped drones for crowd/protest monitoring (drones can only
be used by law enforcement under very limited circumstances).  Obviously,
Turkish law enforcement doesn't want private citizens using drones either
for crowd monitoring.


Also, I believe that it was Dave Kelly who asked me if he could shoot down a
drone if it was hovering over his back yard.  The last paragraph at the
above link seems to answer that question - Hunters in South Carolina shot
down a drone being flown by animal rights advocates during a pigeon shooting
event.  I doubt that it was an errant shot; more likely a bulls-eye.





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